1• Hardware care / Basic Cleaning

    2• Basic Installation tips

    3• How to select rod diameter

    4• When to use a valance or a cornice

    5• The perfect rod for a cape cod home

    6• Finials in a mediterrean setting


1 • Hardware care / Basic Cleaning

Mix warm water and a few drops of mild, non-abrasive soap (such as dishwashing soap) in a bucket. Wipe down the entire surface with the solution, using a soft cleaning rag. If there are stains, scrub them with a soft-bristled brush. Rinse off with clean water and dry the rods with a clean, dry towel.


2 • Basic Installation tips

Placement of rods around the window can dramatically change the look of a room. First, measure the width of your window treatments, taking into account if you want to mount hardware on the wall or directly on the window trim. Allow 1 1/2" - 3" on each side of the window for when the drapes are completely open.
Be sure to consider extra wall space needed for decorative finials, as the rod dimensions do not include additional width added by each finial.
To make the windows appear larger, mount the curtain rod 6" above the trim and allow the rod width to extend 3" beyond the window's actual width.


3 • How to select rod diameter

The first thing you should do is consider the weight of the drapes or curtains you are planning to hang. This will help determine the thickness of the rod. If you plan on decorating your room with heavy, black-out drapes, a rod with a larger diameter (two or three inches) is recommended due to the weight of the fabric as well as the overall visual proportion. If you'd prefer to use thinner rods, we recommend that you use additional brackets for the best support. If you're hanging lightweight material, such as lace or sheer fabric, you may want a smaller diameter rod.


4 • When to use a valance or a cornice

Valances or cornices are a great way to change the look of a window to match the style of d้cor.
Many styles of d้cor call for ruffled accents on the header of your window, which can be created with a valance. A valance has a rod pocket sewn in so that a 1", 2", or 4" rod can be threaded through it.
For a smoother, more contemporary look, it's ideal to have your window header attached to a cornice box. Some cornices even have a layer of quilt batting sewn in between the fabric and the lining in order to give it a softer look.


5 • The perfect rod for a cape cod home

The beauty of Cape Cod style homes is that they are so versatile. It's easy to make them look more traditional or modernize them with simple accents.
Characteristically, Cape Cod windows have beautiful square or rectangle grid panes that you want to show off, which is why simple window treatments are ideal. Look for traditional Cape Cod-style curtains, which are usually two solid-colored ruffled tiers topped with a coordinating valance. Many of these windows are dressed with just a valance, sheers or tab-top panels. Avoid heavy drapes or ornate window treatments that will overpower the small rooms.


6 • Finials in a mediterrean setting

Open rods and decorative finials are the hallmark of Mediterranean-style window treatments. Though wooden rods can be used, the more popular choice is wrought iron or brushed nickel finishes, with elaborate finials in designs that incorporate leaves, twists, acorns, and fleur des lis. Both heavy and sheer curtains are popular in Mediterranean-style homes, and this look also complements large, eye-catching finials.

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